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FloWrestling Ranks OSU as the No. 1 Recruiting Class in the Country for 2020

This could be the best recruiting class in John Smith’s career.



FloWrestling released its recruiting class rankings and the Cowboys’ monster 2020 class is now officially the No. 1 recruiting class the country.

Here’s how Flo breaks out the individual rankings for the Cowboys.

No. 1-AJ Ferrari, Texas (285)
No. 2-Dustin Plott, Okl.a (184)
No. 16-Trevor Mastrogiovanni, NJ (133)
No. 27-Luke Surber, Okla. (165)
No. 34-Jakason Burks, Neb. (125)
No. 82-Konner Doucet, Okla. (285)

The Cowboys have pledges from the Nos. 1 and 2 overall recruits in the 2020 class. According to Willie at Flo this has only happened twice in the last decade, once at Arizona State and another time at Penn State.

The Cowboys also have one other member in the 2020 recruiting class with Alexander Yokubaitis, a three-time state champ out of Louisiana.

Virginia Tech, Penn State, Missouri, and Iowa round out the top five.

With the addition of No. 1 overall AJ Ferrari a few weeks ago, I believe this to be the best recruiting class of John Smith’s coaching career.




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