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A good follow if you like video and social media updates on OSU athletics.



There are some really good OSU follows on the Internet whether on YouTube, Twitter, Instragam, or the WWW. Here’s one of those.

I’m pretty excited about the possibilities for this endeavor. OSU is forking over the cash (finally?) for a good multimedia studio and this is the Twitter portion of that.

They haven’t done a ton so far but have been pretty steady with video updates and good interviews. And they have a quality staff. A must follow for those who like player video interviews and Gundy saying Gundy things.

The guy heading up the operation sounds like he’s the real deal.

“I’m extremely excited to be back on a college campus,” said CJ Lickert. “Video production and content has become an important part of the college landscape on various fronts, and I’m anxious to get Orange Power Studios up and running.”

Follow here:

Also, here’s a look at their new home in Stillwater.

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