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Four Options for Oklahoma State to Fill the Gap AJ Ferrari Left Behind

OSU has options at 197.



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The biggest news of the wrestling offseason came last week when it was announced that AJ Ferrari would no longer be wrestling for Oklahoma State. This now leaves Oklahoma State with an interesting hole to fill at 197 pounds. Here are four realistic scenarios we could see Oklahoma State use to fill the gap left without AJ Ferrari.

1. Cut Surber back down to 197

Luke Surber was a Big 12 finalist and NCAA qualifier at heavyweight for Oklahoma State last season. But the reality in that was he was a undersized 197. In a pattern Oklahoma State has used a lot in recent years, the Cowboys “bulked” one of their 197-pound wrestlers up to heavyweight to strengthen their lineup. Surber could theoretically return back down to 197 and take over the spot and the Cowboys could insert Konner Doucet back in at heavyweight to fill the gap from Surber moving down.

2. Bump Kyle Haas up

True freshman Kyle Haas competed at both 184 and 197 last season with the majority of his matches coming at 184. Haas is a bit of a “tweener” that could easily compete at either weight class. Haas was undefeated in his redshirt year last season competing at both weights. I do think if OSU does this, we’ll likely see a bump up across all of the weight classes around here with Plott, Wittlake and possibly Sheets all moving up a weight class from last season.

3. Wrestle Gavin Stika

Stika stepped in and started in Ferrari’s absence last year up from 184. He had a pretty tough go of it, going 2-7 at 197 as the starter. But it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that the Cowboys could insert Stika back in here.

4. Look for a transfer

It’s a bit late in the game for this move. Class at Oklahoma State actually starts about a month from now, so it might be tough to develop that connection and pull a high-caliber wrestler over to a new school on such short notice. That said, this transfer portal/NIL world is a wild one and this certainly could happen.

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