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Gallagher-Iba gets mini-makeover, looks tremendous

A newly waxed floor, a pretty incredible video board, GIA is ready.



Photo Attribution: Twitter/ryancameron24

Photo Attribution: Twitter/ryancameron24

I can’t wait. I love basketball no matter how good or bad OSU is but this year should be especially enjoyable. And hey Gallagher-Iba Arena got a pretty slick makeover with its annual waxing[1. That’s an atrocious phrase, I know, but that’s what it is.] and new video board.

One note on the new video board — I hope OSU uses it correctly. Replays and ads on the bottom screen, stats and other fun stuff like maybe tweets and trivia and news on the top ones.

This isn’t a particularly difficult thing but for a school that apparently can’t figure out how to run a sound system at a football game — given three years worth of opportunity — it might be hard.

Also, how happy are we that they got rid of those appalling blended foul lanes. I think when the new court came up for a vote in, what was it, like, 2008 I voted for this court 75,000ish times.

It’s how the GIA floor should look. You could even talk me into ditching the black on the outside and making the out-of-bounds area the same color as the court with just a black line distinguishing the two.

h/t Ryan Cameron

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