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George Dohrmann discusses article with Doug Gottlieb

George Dohrmann talks to Doug Gottlieb and addresses the Aso Pogi quotes and discrepancies.



Wow, this is pretty crazy.

Doug Gottlieb does a fantastic job peppering the writer of the article, George Dohrmann, with question after question and Dohrmann answers all of them.

One of the more interesting ones surrounded an Aso Pogi quote from earlier today on 1400 AM in Oklahoma City.

Below is that conversation where Pogi talks about his quote.[1. Here it is: “Quarterback Aso Pogi (1999 to 2002) says he and another player lived at Talley’s ranch one summer rent-free. In retrospect Pogi says, “It’s a big deal. I was the starting quarterback.” (Talley says that Pogi lived at his ranch and had to work to cover his rent; Pogi denies that he did any work.)”]

That was nothing that I said, it was completely misinterpreted, it was out of context, nothing was spoken in that way. The quotes that are in there are inaccurate.

His breakdown of his quote and how it was twisted is really interesting.

I also thought the idea of Thayer busting into his church after Bible study was quite funny…

Dohrmann responded about Pogi (and presumable Tatum Bell): their conversations were recorded and we are absolutely comfortable that they were quoted accurately.

It gets a little intense for a bit when Gottlieb asks Dohrmann whether or not Sports Illustrated paid people to talk and Dohrmann says the guy at home doesn’t understand how journalism works.

You should give both of these a listen.


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