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Hello friends,

I’m trying something new out at Pistols Firing this season. A weekly newsletter (that we’re just going to dub “10 Thoughts” because I hate the word “newsletter”) sent to your email inbox once a week.

The newsletter, which I promise you’ll look forward to, will go out once a week (likely Thursday and Friday) and will be the best OSU content from around the Internet every week.

Most of it will probably be Pistols Firing stuff which I hope is okay with you but I’ll also include other links, goodies, and maybe even some original content for 10 Thoughts subscribers only.

The reason for all this?

I know you guys are crazy busy and don’t have time to check the site every 10 seconds (which is how often it feels like I update it sometimes) so think of this as a curation of the good stuff.

You can relax, get some work done while you’re actually at work, and I’ll fire it over to your inbox every week.

If you want to subscribe do so here today because the first 10 things are coming at you on Thursday morning.

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