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One of our goals in 2019 is to increase the tentacles of PFB. So yes, visiting the website should be one of the primary objectives we have, but that we would also deliver good content and great value in other digital spheres.

One of those is in your inbox. We have an old email list that we used sparingly which 1,200 of you signed up for. We will use it sparingly no more as we have committed to sending a PFB newsletter daily at 6 a.m.

This will most often be a shorter version of the Daily Bullets — our morning links roundup (which you can see right here) with the day’s top OSU news explained and distilled.

We may occasionally surprise you with something else fun we’ve been cooking up, but most often you’ll simply be getting a few short talking points for the day in OSU news to use at the office or in conversations with your friends.

If you’re already on this list and want to receive the email, great, do nothing. If you don’t want to receive it, feel free to unsubscribe when you get the next one. If you’re not on this list but want to be (or you aren’t sure if you are), you can sign up right here.

It’s extremely beneficial to us that we build up this 1,200-person list to 12,000 or 120,000 so we’re asking that you send this email or the link below to one friend you think would enjoy or benefit from getting a few OSU talking points in their inbox daily. They can sign up right here or by entering their email above.

You won’t be getting any 2,000-word essays from yours truly via email but instead you’ll most often get 2-3 of the top headlines in OSU news for that day as distilled and interpreted by Steven Mandeville — our Bullets correspondent — or myself, when Steven is off.

The Daily Bullets — still the best and most versatile name I’ve ever come up with for anything (including my children), Mrs. Pistols rolled her eyes when I said this — are changing slightly, too. We are going to do less linking and a little more writing. This could lead to fewer links every day, but we think it will lead to a more dynamic, informative post that delights and surprises you on a daily basis.

I probably speak for Steven, but I know I speak for myself … There is little I love more than finding interesting news, toying with it in my head, writing a take on it and sharing it with you guys. Bullets daily — that’s what we’re here for. Sign up now and thank you for continuing to support Pistols Firing!

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