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GIVEAWAY: Win up to $40 in the PFB Store by Following us on Social Media




Our giveaways are generally pretty easy. We offer you up to $40 in merchandise credit at our store in exchange for a favor: a subscription to our podcast, a review in Apple iTunes. Something really simple.

I think we’ve outdone ourselves, because this giveaway might be our easiest.

In exchange for up to $40 in merchandise credit at our store (which you can used to buy a Big Daddy Mullet t-shirt or a PFB mug or a Canadian Speed t-shirt or literally anything else), we’re asking you to do something you either are already doing or should have already been doing, and probably want to do anyway. And the favor this time is … following us on social media.

Pretty easy, right?

It’s so easy we’re asking you to also follow our team, too. (We want you to earn that $40!) It will take less than three minutes — I tested it. So follow us and our team on social media in the links provided below, and when you’re done, drop your first and last name in the link here as well as an email so we can contact the winner. (Note: Winner must be following the accounts on social media to be eligible.)

The giveaway will run through next Tuesday, at which time we’ll do a random drawing and notify the winner. Thanks for participating!

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