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Glenn Spencer Sounds Like He’s Fired Up About the 2015 Season



You aren’t the only one ready for the 2015 season to get going. In a really solid Q&A with Robert Allen (that you should read), Brandon Weeden noted that Glenn Spencer is (no surprise here) chomping at the bit.

“I went to dinner with Coach (Glenn) Spencer a few months back and you know Coach Spencer in that he doesn’t get real excited about much or doesn’t show it…”

Hold on.

This guy?

Are we sure?

“…but I could tell from his voice he is excited about what he has on defense and the offense too. Just looking at the schedule it favors us and I think we have a chance to be pretty good. I think the pieces are there and Mason (Rudolph) has a chance to be pretty good.”

I do too.

And I’m going to file away that “Glenn Spencer doesn’t get real excited” quote for the first time he takes a flying dive at Jordan Sterns this fall.

As for the defense? I don’t know how it’s not going to be better. It was 77th in defensive FEI last season while playing a bunch of freshmen and sophomores. No, your excitement is not misplaced, Mr. Spencer. And neither is ours.

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