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Grad Transfer Christian Holmes DM’d Barry Sanders About Wearing No. 21

And he’s wearing No. 0 this season.



Photo via Bruce Waterfield/OSU Athletics

The No. 21 jersey number is off limits for obvious reasons at Oklahoma State: no one can don the GOAT’s digits, because Barry’s special 1988 season must be held in the highest regard for as long as humanly possible. But that didn’t stop Missouri graduate transfer Christian Holmes from at least trying.

Holmes, a cornerback who has drawn rave reviews in camp as a potential starter opposite Rodarius Williams, revealed this week that he sought Barry Sanders’ approval to wear the No. 21 jersey — the same he wore at Mizzou — but he never heard back after shooting an Instagram blast to him that went unanswered. Instead, he settled on No. 0.

“There really wasn’t any thought put into [wearing No. 0],” Holmes said. “Barry Sanders, I shot him a message on Instagram to let me wear [No 21]. But, you know, he’s not looking at anything like that.”

Barry’s social presence is pretty great, and he chimes in on occasion about OSU and Lions content. (His peak post came earlier this year when fans torched Garth Brooks for wearing a Lions jersey that read SANDERS across the back after people mistakenly thought it represented Bernie, not Barry.)

Sending an Instagram message to him is almost certainly one form of communication he either doesn’t engage in or doesn’t check regularly enough to keep up with. And even if he did … it’d be lost among a pile of Detroit Lions and OSU Cowboys superfans. (And maybe some confused Bernie supporters.)

Either way, you have to respect the boldness of Holmes to even shoot his shot at the GOAT. He would definitely say no I’m sure, but you have to hand it to him. That’s the type of confidence you want to see in a cornerback, and that could help him on the field if he keeps that same energy.

“I knew with my ability, I could compete with any receiver in my eyes,” he said about why he chose OSU and the confidence he has to be a difference-maker in 2020. “We have a lot of depth. I felt like I can come in and contribute somehow.”

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