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Gundy Estimates 75 percent of Cowboys Taking Mostly Online Classes Because of COVID-19

Some Cowboy defenders are taking to social media to try to stop the spread.



Some alarming videos surfaced in Stillwater this weekend with students returning to campus for the fall semester.

There was a line waiting to get into the bar Outlaws, a crowd danced closely in front of a DJ in another video and an entire OSU sorority house is being quarantined after 23 of its members tested positive for COVID-19. It all made for quite the talking points on social media. No matter how one feels about COVID-19, the spread of it is changing the college football season, but Oklahoma State’s players are trying to do what they can to stop it.

“I’m going to say that 75 percent of our guys will be nine of 12 hours or 12 of 15 online just from the number of classes that will be offered on campus because of the situation we’re in,” OSU coach Mike Gundy said Monday. “We will have guys on campus, but it won’t be near the number of guys that will be be on campus as to other years. Some of that is university choice. Some of that is by player. But it will be different based on the situation that we’re all put in with the virus.”

OSU players got on Twitter when the videos surfaced of the weekend bar scene. The ever-active Tre Sterling tweeted out this Friday evening before the videos even came out.

He later quote-tweeted a video of the line outside Outlaws, adding “Yup.. I’ve decided.. I’m not going to class monday..” Collin Clay quoted the same video saying “‘We want a season’ yeah ight…..

The Cowboys attempting to police students in hopes of saving their season continued into Monday, Oklahoma State’s first day of fall classes.

Gundy strayed away from COVID-19 questions Monday.

“I don’t have any comment on the virus,” Gundy said when the videos were brought up. “I just want to talk about football.”

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