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Gundy, Patterson Discuss J.W. Walsh’s Role In OSU-TCU Game



In the spring of 2016, Gary Patterson talked about why J.W. Walsh ended up at TCU.

“That’s the guy that coach [co-offensive coordinator Doug] Meacham wanted,” Patterson said via teleconference. “He wanted another guy that knew the system.”

That’s who they got, and now Oklahoma State will face TCU and Walsh (who is a graduate assistant in Ft. Worth) for the first time. It’s going to be a strange sight seeing The General in purple (a turncoat!)

I’m sure there will be hugs and hand pounds after the contest on Saturday, but before that it will be all business. No shady business, though.

“For them, I think it’s an advantage because J.W. knows all of our signals,” said OSU coach Mike Gundy on Monday. “I know Gary [Patterson is] a nice, clean, honest guy, but I would think at some point he’s going to be interested in how much J.W. knows about our signals. But they know a lot about us, we know a lot about them. The game’s going to come down to taking care of the football and being sound in special teams. And, I’m sure both defenses are concerned about limiting big-time plays.”

“Everything they do at Oklahoma State, in terms of signals, will be completely changed this week because of J.W.,” Patterson confirmed to the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

Gundy noted that he thinks Walsh could eventually rise to take a head coaching position.

“I would think he would do very well,” said Gundy. “He grew up eating breakfast with a guy that’s one of the best high school coaches in the history of Texas football. He’s a gym rat, loves the game. I would think he’d hang around for a while, probably get a start somewhere at a smaller school then before long be at our level.”

Walsh isn’t the only coach on staff with Oklahoma State ties, either. TCU also employs Meacham (played and coached at OSU), defensice coordinator Chad Glasgow (played at OSU) and Curtis Luper (played and coached at OSU).

“There’s no intermingling this week,” said Patterson. “You have to get ready to do your job. J.W. Walsh is here. You also have Meach, Luper and go down the list.”

“I don’t talk to anybody during the season,” said Gundy when asked about the same thing. “I see [Meacham] every once in a while at a game or something, but I’m not a big communicator during the season.”

So it sounds like while those of us watching would like to make a big deal out of the reuniting of one of the biggest fan favorites in OSU history, nobody involved really cares that much. Until he starts stealing signals anyway.

Long live The General.

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