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Here are 11 Things to Know About the 113th Edition of Bedlam

Gundy’s record vs. OU and one of the better offenses (?) in school history.



Oklahoma State and Oklahoma will play for the 113th time on Saturday in Norman with a lot less at stake than the last few Bedlams. That doesn’t mean Saturday’s game won’t be great, but it does mean that they payoff isn’t as high should OSU miraculously come through as a massive underdog, just like it was back in 2014.

I pored through the game notes for this one for a while this week, and found 11 things that might interest you heading into Saturday’s Bedlam tilt.

1. Since 2010: 176 wins. Oklahoma State and Oklahoma have combined for 176 wins in the last nine seasons. The only two rivalry teams ahead of at least one of OSU and OU are Alabama and LSU, which have combined for 192 (!) wins.

2. Three 5-loss seasons. Since Gundy took over, OSU has had five or more losses in Big 12 play just three times (2005, 2006 and 2014). If they lose on Saturday they’ll have five with two games left. Gulp.

3. When scoring 45. OSU is 54-2 when scoring 45+ points in the Gundy era. Their only losses? Bedlam 2012 and Bedlam 2017. That’s kind of amazing.

4. Justice needs 105. If No. 5 gets a dollar and a nickel on Saturday against the Sooners, he’ll become the ninth player in Big 12 history with three 1,000-yard seasons. Incredible.

5. Justin Blackmon, Tylan Wallace, Dez Bryant. Those are all the Oklahoma State receivers with at least six 100-yard games in a season as an underclassmen.

6. Gundy is … worse than OSU has traditionally been? Here is a statistic for you (this includes ties as half wins).

  • Mike Gundy against OU: 2-11 (15%)
  • OSU against OU: 19-86-7 (20%)

How is this possible? How, in the golden age of Oklahoma State football, has it performed worse against OU than it has throughout its history. I know OU has been good — really good at times — but this does not compute with how Oklahoma State should have performed against the Sooners in the Gundy era.

7. Alabama, OU and OSU. The only three teams in the country that average more than 200 yards on the ground and 275 through the air per game so far this season. Unfortunately for OSU, OU averages a lot more than that, and Alabama can actually get stops.

8. The 50/10 rule. OSU has produced nearly 50 percent of its offensive yardage total on just 10 percent of its snaps (68 total). This is remarkable to me given how poor they’ve been at throwing deep down the field throughout the year.

9. Red Zone defense. There are actually two bright spots on defense. The first is that OSU continues to lead the country in sacks per game with 3.67. The other is that OSU is No. 11 in the country in limiting opponents inside their red zone. The problem is that they’re 65th in red zone attempts allowed.

10. No turnovers? OSU is 87th (!) in the nation in turnovers created with 10. OU is somehow even worse. They’re tied for 124th with 7 total. Only Texas A&M and East Carolina rank below them.

11. Yards per Play. Does this feel like the eighth-best offense in school history? Currently OSU is averaging 6.5 yards per play, which only ranks behind 2017, 1988, 2011, 2012, 2008, 2010 and 2016. I’m not totally sure what to do with this information.

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