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Here is One Really Good Reason to Become a PFB+ Subscriber Today

All the insider #sauce.



One of the best and most frequent questions I get is “wait, why should I subscribe to a premium version of your content when it’s all free anyway?”

It’s a good question!

In the first iteration of our subscriber program, this was fair and valid, but one of the things we’ve talked about and planned on doing is dropping more nuggets we get from #sources out there for PFB+ subscribers. The good stuff. The stuff none of us can quit. The drug-like substance in written form.

We are collectors and distributors of information. And while we don’t always have all of the scoops, we often have tidbits that we don’t really know where to put. They don’t really fit anywhere except in our Slack room.

Enter: The PFB+ forum (we’re still workshopping an overall name for that part of our site. The Chamber is probably the leader in the clubhouse right now … The Action is trying to get into a playoff).

Anyway, Kyle B. reminded me of this today when he dropped some delicious Cade Cunningham/Bryce Thompson info right here. If you subscribe to PFB+, that’s the kind of #content you’re there for. If you don’t, what are you waiting for?!

You can read more info here (and expect more threads like the one above in the future). And we still have a handful of our 50 yearly subscriptions left at 50 percent of. Grab one of them while you still can right here. Just use the promo code JUSTICE4ALL at checkout after you select the yearly option.


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