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Here’s a crazy shot that’s one of the few Marcus Smart has made this summer

One of the few he’s made this summer.



Pretty great stuff from 36 at the summer league.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the few shots that’s gone down in Smart’s four summer league games. In total he’s 14-for-52 from the field and 5-for-26 from three.

That’s 28 percent and 19 percent respectively. Also known as “not good.”

Smart sounds pretty nonplussed, though (this was through his first two games).

“I’m a good shooter,” Smart said. “Even though the percentages say different, that’s because I took a lot of bad shots in college. I’m not worried about that. You can see that there’s nothing wrong with my shot mechanically. It’s all about staying balanced, and it’s repetition. I’ve worked every day on it. My shot isn’t falling, but we have three games left, and my shot is going to fall.”

“Sometimes. More often than not,” he said. “I had a lot of help, but there were also times when I forced up a lot of shots. I had to take a lot of tough shots. Somewhat I have to adjust, you could say that somewhat. But changing gears is not going to be a big factor. At Oklahoma State I had a lot of talent. But these guys have played a lot longer than me, and they’re going to make it easier on me.”


Smart is doing all the other things Smart does well, however. His worst steals + assists + rebounds game totaled eight and he’s getting to the line at a good clip. At least in Boston he has a point guard who can teach him how to not shoot it so often.

To contrast that, by the way, Markel Brown is shooting 52 percent from the field and 37 percent from three. Granted, he’s not shooting as much as Marcus but he’s still averaging double figures a game and had 17-7-3 his last game out.

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