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Highlights of New Top-50 Commit Marcus Watson Are Absolutely Unreal

Catch a glimpse of the future Cowboy.



There is a reason your social media timeline of choice was flooded with Mike Boynton propaganda on Sunday night.

After raking in a respectable top-20 recruiting class for 2019 with the likes of Avery Anderson and Kalib Boone, his approval rating has been stagnant atop the mountain peak. It took off into the atmosphere, however, Sunday when he added to that class with Marcus Watson, a top-50 prospect who is OSU’s highest-ranked pledge of 2019.

Watson is an absolute beast-of-a-player in every sense of the word. Dustin Ragusa talks about him in reverential tones, and his highlights — yeah, I know they’re highlights, but still! — are pretty absurd.

The 6-6 star has some bounce to him, first off. You expect that from a top-50 swingman, obviously, but he legitimately pops off both the screen and the hardwood.

Additionally, Watson has a competitive streak, the likes of which you don’t see often in elite level prospects. He’s the type of player who will talk noise on one end of the floor then back it up on the next. Reminds me a lot of Collin Sexton, whom OSU pursued before he picked Alabama.

Sexton is now with the Cavs. Watson may soon be in the league if his talent level against college players pans out as well as it has to date against high school players.

I talked with someone on Sunday night who told me that they believe Watson is “league bound” — AKA, good enough to be in the NBA — level good. I think he definitely has potential. In an NBA that now craves 3-and-D talent, Watson could be a perfect fit if he can prove efficient as a scorer at the next level.

It will be interesting to watch Watson’s talent develop and unfold over the next year (and during his time at OSU) for many reasons, but especially because of his clear ability that would indicate he may not use up all four years of his collegiate eligibility before going pro.

If he can go one-and-done or two-and-through and become successful in the league, it could significantly boost OSU’s profile as a pro-producing program — and could lead to other Marcus Watson’s picking the Pokes in the not-too-distant future.

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