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Hit Play: Reviewing Your Favorite Plays of the 1st Half of OSU’s Season



We are unbelievably halfway through the 2017 football season. There have been many highs and a couple lows but some of the plays we’ve seen from the Cowboys this year have been all-time.

Each week, we’ve picked four plays and you guys have been voting for your favorites. Since we’ve hit the halfway point of the year, let’s look at each week’s winner.

Week 1 — Tyron’s 40-yard Welcome Parade

You couldn’t have written a better opening for Tyron Johnson’s season. It’s been the way his first and second act have been shaping up that’s drawn questions if not disappointed fans. But the receiving corps is stacked with NFL talent and you can bet he’ll be around for many more highlights next year.

Week 2 — Darrion Daniels/Justin Phillips with the Pick-6

Justin Phillips has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He showed that with back-to-back weeks with a pick-6, starting with this tip off of the paw of Darrion Daniels. Phillips been a stud this year and I think he may be the Cowboys’ best overall defender.

Week 3 — Rudolph’s Heisman Moment in the Steel City

If and when Mason Rudolph gets an invite to New York at the end of the season, this clip will be played right before they cut to QB1 sitting next to his spring-break partner Baker Mayfield. It will also be replayed and replayed as we all mourn his departure to the NFL. Might as well get started now.

Week 4 — Rudolph-to-Washington’s 86-yard touchdown against TCU

This game didn’t offer quite as many highlights but the deep-ball connection between Rudolph and Washington has an expiration date in Stillwater and we needed to savor the flavor while we can.

Week 5 — Moss-ell Ate, man.

This play was huge not only because it made NFL scouts salivate but also because of what it meant for the game and for the Cowboys’ season. It extended a crucial late drive in a fluky night game in Lubbock.

Week 6 — Justice tightropes the sideline for 79 yards of history

There were plenty of great plays from the Bear slaughter that took place inside BPS last Saturday but this one got most of our votes for the history and just because Justice is fun to watch. It was the longest run of his career and the longest by a Cowboy since 2011 against a much different Baylor team.

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