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Hot Take of the Day: Cade Cunningham Will be Better than Zion Williamson

Cade Cunningham is in for a monster 2020.



Zion Williamson averaged 22.6 points, 8.9 rebounds, 2.1 steals and finished his first — and only — college season at Duke with a historically-great 40.8 PER.

Cade Cunningham will be statistically better.

Perhaps much better.

I do my best to refrain from hyperbole on this here website, but I can’t betray my eyes and my inner logic. And what both tell me is that, for as good as Williamson was in college, he also had to play a smaller role with R.J. Barrett and Cam Reddish — two fellow first-round picks — eating a slice of the pie.

Barrett took 14.1 shots per game playing alongside Williamson. Reddish, who struggled mightily, still took 12 per game. Williamson took 15.4.

He very easily could have (and arguably should have!) been taking 51.4.

That scenario will almost assuredly not be the case for Cunningham. Unlike Williamson (whose season at Duke was the equivalent of getting bread pudding for your birthday … only to have to share with all eight family members), Cunningham has the entire dessert to himself in 2020. He’s hoarding all eight spoons in his jacket pocket and has the entire thing to himself. If he’s not taking 15+ shots per game, Mike Boynton might be suspended midseason for malpractice.

Isaac Likekele, the Boone twins, Yor Anei, Hidde (!), they’ll all warrant some playing time and, sure, some shots. They’ll put up complimentary stats. But this needs to get through, so you can be mentally prepared for what lies ahead:

Cunningham is going to be First Team All-America good.

He will be the 2020 version of Zion Williamson.

And, for my money, it’s not entirely crazy to think he’ll be even better.

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