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Hot Take of the Day: OSU’s Teal Basketball Unis Better Than Orange

Come for the ?.



Week 2 of our HTOTD, and I’m pulling out the bazooka Mike Gundy was using on that hog hunting extravaganza (or whatever he was doing).

OSU’s teal Native American unis are superior to their all-orange threads. I have no regrets, and I do in fact want you to @ me.

I want to like OSU’s all-orange stuff in both football and basketball, but I just don’t. I don’t know what it is. I don’t love it when Clemson goes all-orange either so it’s not a design thing. Maybe I just don’t like the orange overload.


Not that I think they should completely go away from it. Going all-orange for Bedlam at home with Mike Boynton rocking the orange blazer as well? Yeah, you should do that. Who cares what I think. But the less they do from head to toe in pylon colors, the better.

The teal on the other hand, I get that it’s not for everyone. But I think it’s kind of fun. It’s weird and unique and, well, recruits love it. It could be improved upon too! Lose the brand across the front and go block OKLAHOMA STATE or COWBOYS. There you go, 20 percent better than it currently is.

How great would it be to see those things at this time of the year, too? In a first-round NIT matchup, we have Syracuse playing … uh … the 1990s Vancouver Grizzlies! Big Shareef Abdur-Rahim guy over here!

Anyway, I know I’ll get eviscerated for this take, and that’s fine. I should get eviscerated for it. But I also know that there are a few of you (there are dozens of us!) who will agree with me, whether you want to admit it or not. The all-orange look is tired. The totally teal look is wired. Even if it’s not an official school color like gray.

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