If payouts are true, OSU players would have received over $1 million

Written by Kyle Porter

I have the best readers.

Chris Campbell sent me this breakdown of what Brad Girtman asserted in the first piece of how much OSU would have been paying defensive players (just defensive players!) over the last 11 years.

For posterity, here’s what Girtman alleged in the first Sports Illustrated article:

For Girtman, quarterback hurries were worth $50, a tackle between $75 to $100 and a sack from $200 to $250.

And here’s the breakdown:

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 10.49.22 PM

Obviously this is a bit tongue-in-cheek because it was never alleged that everybody got paid but I thought we could use a little levity and it kind of brought the ridiculousness full circle.

Maybe we should have doubled these figures so we wouldn’t have had to FIRE BILL YOUNG!

  • Tyler

    He doesn’t even have interceptions on there where Mickens said he got $800 for in a LOSS. Add up just he ints from 2011.. Oh my goodness…

  • Jessica Wilkirson Nicholson

    Gosh. Now I see why it took so long to get an indoor practice facility…

  • Padraig Hansen

    This is so good.

  • Wayne

    This is why we’ve had such an amazing defense Over the last decade!! Oh wait…. You’d think for $1 million we’d have more of an SEC or even NFL type of defense…

  • Zach

    Ahem. Bill Young “resigned.”

  • OSU-Bill