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Inside The Box Score: Kansas



Inside the box score of last night’s shellacking at the hands of the Big 12 champs.

1. Bill Self home losses – 4. Bill Self Big 12 titles – 8. Wow.

2. This is all on Markel. Tyshawn only has one other game (10-14 against Baylor) that compares to this.

3. At least we kept this mouth breather from double digits.

4. Not acceptable, and the part that bothers me is that he’s shown he’s capable of being better than this. OSU’s success next year hinges on his offensive development in the offseason. Also, somebody teach him how to catch a ball on the run. Let him run routes for Lunt this spring for all I care.

5. It felt like 40.

6. Who saw this coming? Second most minutes Cezar has played in 2012.

7. It’s not the 49 I want to focus on as much as it is the 9 from the rest of the team.

8. Jurick:offense in the paint as Bobby Reid:pocket. Both act like they’ve never seen it.

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