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Is Bedlam the most successful rivalry of the last five years?

I bet you can’t guess where Bedlam ranks in collective winning percentage between two rivals in the last five years.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I’m not suggesting Bedlam is the best rivalry — that would be silly in a world where Michigan and Ohio State still play football, not to mention Auburn and Alabama or USC and Notre Dame.

Nor am I suggesting that Bedlam is the most competitive — Oklahoma State has only won nine times since 1945.

But I am suggesting that Bedlam is at the very top of college football when it comes to the last five years worth of collective success between rivals.

Consider the combined five-year records of the following programs and see where OU and OSU (OSU, guys!) fit in:

1. Auburn-Bama — 104-26 (80% winning percentage)
2. Oklahoma-Oklahoma State — 99-28 (78%)
3. Michigan-Ohio State — 90-34 (73%)
4. Oklahoma-Texas — 92-35 (72%)
5. Clemson-South Carolina — 93-37 (72%)
6. Florida-Florida State — 92-37 (71%)
7. USC-Notre Dame — 87-40 (69%)
7. Oregon-Oregon State — 87-40 (69%)
7. Miami-Florida State — 87-40 (69%)
10. Florida-Georgia — 86-43 (67%)

That’s pretty impressive.

Not to mention that if OSU wins Saturday the two schools will have won six of the last eight Big 12 titles.

Not bad for a couple of schools from Oklahoma…

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