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Is there a hammer?

Does SI still hold all the cards or is this thing just one big mess?



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

We’ve been through two days of (again) stuff Amilian and I could have whipped up over a few beers and been 95% correct about.

Russ Cornelius laid it out pretty nicely in this piece — stuff happens, if you don’t think it does then you’re either foolish or bleed more orange than Walt Garrison

I told Andre Sexton on Tuesday I thought some guys probably got paid once and turned it into 100 times. The truth might have not been that exaggerated but it’s pretty unfathomable to me that 100% of what Sports Illustrated is claiming, is false.

So with that premise — that a lot of this (but not all of this) probably did go on let’s take a 30,000-foot view of what happens over the next week.

The tweet that’s scared me the most over the last few days is this one from Seth Davis:

Time inc. is loaded up and ready to roll which leads me to believe that there’s a hammer.

It leads me to believe that at some point in the next week SI is going to come forward with something monstrous — a corroboration from a booster or an advisor, an incredibly detailed list of transcripts and bank statements — something that would just stick a dagger right into the heart of Mike Holder’s employment.

I’m lead to believe this because I don’t think SI is a trivial or foolish organization by any stretch and I think it’s a pretty trivial and foolish thing to publish everything you have without anything to back it up but a bunch of words from dudes you knew were going to recant.

Everybody keeps saying “I want to hear the tapes! I want to hear the tapes!”

I could give two craps about the tapes.

I’m 100% sure they didn’t print anything that wasn’t on those tapes. If you line up Time Inc. against Tatum Bell and I have to choose who’s telling the truth, well, that’s kind of easy to me. We won’t get into the ethical boundaries that were stretched (ok, crossed) to get those quotes right now because that’s a whole other 29,000-word post, but I’m positive they have the tapes.

That’s not the hammer though. Having a tape of somebody saying something you said they said doesn’t solidify your position. It just, well I don’t know what it does. I guess it says you aren’t a liar or dirty organization.

The hammer, as I said, is a laundry list of physical evidence. And if they have it, there’s an even longer list of Oklahoma media folks (myself foremost among them) that are going to feel sillier than Phil Forte at a dunk contest.

And if SI doesn’t have it, like, if they’re rolling Alex Cate out right now but they don’t have Weeden on deck to toss that 40-yard on-the-run seed to Blackmon to end things, then this entire dog and pony show is one big joke.

It’s pretty much all or nothing at this point and through two rounds of smoke and mirrors Oklahoma State is not the side with nothing.

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