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It’s Gameday, Here’s How to Join the OSU-OSU Conversation

Welcome to a new era.



Eight months of waiting are over. We have no more clarity on the QB situation than we did eight months ago. But who cares, it’s gameday and the Pokes will be on television against the Beavers. The game won’t start for 13 more hours at the time I’m writing this post, but still we’re all pretty hyped around here for the start of a new season and a new era (of sorts).

It’s a new era for us at PFB, too. Nearly 500 of you have become PFB+ subscribers — most in the last few weeks — and we have a forum to accommodate everyone. The broader forum is free, but the Kyles and I and Marshall (and everyone else that works here) hang out in the PFB+ portion.

And that’s not even the best part, according to a lot of you. Seth Duckworth’s wrestling info has been awesome and worth the price of admission.

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 8.25.12 AM

Anyway, tonight during the game our live thread — where we’ll holler about QB1, Mike Gundy, wonder how many Heismans Chuba has in him and whether Malcolm Rodriguez really is the best defender in the Big 12 — all of that will take place right here in this thread.

If you’re a PFB+ subscriber, come join us. If you’re not, we’re offering a special gameday discount of 50% off — that’s ad-free browsing, PFB+ forum access and tons of giveaways for the next year for just $40.

You can go here, click on the yearly option and use the code GAMEDAY2019.

Happy first day of the season. Welcome into the best OSU news and community.

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