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It’s Gameday: PFB Again Offering Special Deal on Premium Product

You could get up to $50? $60? off our PFB+ product for the KSU game.



We had so much fun with last week’s special deal during the Texas game, we’re doing it again this week for Kansas State.

If you sign up on September 28 (today) for our PFB+ Yearly product — which is $80/year — your account will be credited on Sunday $1 for every point OSU scores against Kansas State in this game.

So if the Pokes hang 55 on KSU, we refund you $55 and you just paid $25 for a year of PFB+. If they score 85 points (seems unlikely!), we will have to start collecting some Venmo names so we can pay you.

What do you get for signing up? Primarily access to our PFB+ portion of The Chamber where we’re dropping rumors and sourced stuff we’ve heard. But you also get access to store discounts, monthly giveaways, background wallpapers and (my favorite) ad-free browsing.

You know what stinks? Ads on the internet. I was on a competing site the other day, and I couldn’t even see the words I came to read. You know what’s also necessary? Ads on the internet. That’s how we make a lot of this go. But for 22 pennies a day (and much less after our promotion hits), you can get a reading experience that looks as clean as this one.

Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 2.52.50 PM.png

Anyway, go take advantage of this one-day promotional because our gameday thread is already popping, but it’s for PFB+ members only. You can (and should!) sign up right here.

Related: We’re at 556 PFB+ members. If we get to 1,000 before the calendar flips to 2020, we’re going to give away something really special to one or more members. Looking forward to that. Come join us, and let’s roll up the ‘Cats!

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