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James Washington Reveals What He’ll Buy With His First NFL Paycheck



The first big boy job out of college can often lead to the first big boy purchase of your lifetime.

Many people in that situation rush out to put a down payment on a home or finance a brand new vehicle to replace that old raggedy one that’s gotten you around over the years.

But for James Washington, not even a new multi-million dollar gig is enough to get him to ditch his old ’86 pickup. In speaking with ESPN this week, Washington said he’s using his first NFL check to restore his old truck, rather than replace it.

“I’m fixing it up right now,” Washington said of his 1986 Chevy C10 pickup. “Restoration, new paint job, new motor. I can do a little something. I’d rather do that than go buy a brand-new Camaro.”

That is … not your average thinking. For anyone. Much less a person who just inked a four-year deal worth roughly $4.5 million. Other players like Vita Vea are considering buying his parents a new home, as is Saquon Barkley, who says he already bought his mom a house before he signed his deal. 🤔

Maybe a new truck is in the picture down the road for the former OSU star, but he seems perfectly content with the old pickup and some pigskin in his life for now.

As for that truck, Google tells me the 1986 model might look something like this … pretty sweet.

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