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Jelani Woods Shows Off Speed Chasing Down Tyron Johnson



As Tyron Johnson jetted across the field Saturday en route to a 60-yard reception, a 6-foot-7 shadow wasn’t far behind.

Cowboy Back Jelani Woods chased down Johnson in search of defenders and somehow, Woods’ 251-pound frame was keeping up with the more slender, 193-pound Johnson.

“I told Jelani, ‘Man, you had an angle, man,'” Johnson said Tuesday. “He’s happy about that. He like, ‘I keep up with Tyron.'”

Woods is in his first season at Cowboy Back after redshirting as a quarterback in 2017. His body has already made the transition, as he is listed 16 pounds heavier on OSU’s roster than he was last season.

Woods had a chance for his first catch to be a touchdown Saturday. Quarterback Taylor Cornelius threw Woods a fade route in the end zone, but Woods couldn’t quite come up with the ball in the one-on-one battle.

Woods did end up getting his first catch against South Alabama, though, on a 32-yard post route, and Johnson says that will be the first of many for Woods at OSU.

“Jelani is going to be nice,” Johnson said. “He’s big, physical, athletic. Be looking forward to him making big plays. He made a 360-turnaround from the day he started. You can see it every day, he’s getting better with his hands, his routes, blocking. He’s going to be a big piece of our offense.”