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John Smith Hints that OSU May Bring Back the Orange-Black Match This Season

It sounds like the old orange and black matches will be making a comeback this season.



On Thursday, Oklahoma State wrestling had its first media availability and Marshall Scott and others participated in the call with John Smith, Boo Lewallen, Anthony Montalvo, and Kaid Brock.

One thing that will intrigue a lot of Oklahoma State wrestling fans is hearing Smith’s comments on putting together an Orange and Black ranking match. It’s something that traditionally was a staple in the Cowboy wrestling season, but that we haven’t seen in years.

When asked about preseason freestyle competition upcoming with Junior Nationals and U23s he mentioned sending a group and then brought up ranking matches as part of their preseason competition.

“This week we were going to run the orange and black dual meet,” said Smith, “but because of injuries and a couple other situations we backed off of that and we’re going to try to create a orange/black event in competition from the standpoint of ranking matches some time in December.”

The only question now is how this event will be presented. Years ago this was an annual event for fans, wrestlers, and families to go and watch a dual meet that mixed up starters and wrestlers in the room in matches that at times had lineup implications.

Those matches to determine starting spots have still been occurring over the years, but they’ve been closed off from the public and in the room. Now it sounds like fans may finally be getting a chance to witness these live again and also hopefully broadcast through some streaming service, though Smith may have just been describing the in-room wrestle-offs that have been occurring every year.

With OSU having a lot of young talent in the room, this will be a nice boost for fans who will not be getting as many home duals this season. This also may be a boost for the athletic department and wrestling teams bank account as another event for the university could bring in some much needed revenue.

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