Oklahoma State Lands Third OL Commit in Hunter Woodard

Written by Kyle Cox

Josh Henson is showing why he was a slam dunk hire as OSU’s next offensive line coach. It appears that the former ace recruiter at Missouri still knows how to close a deal and he is already close to filling out his 2018 recruiting class.

A couple of months after a National Signing Day in which the Cowboys came up empty — signing zero high school OL prospects — Henson has landed three offensive linemen commitments for the 2018 class — Hunter Anthony, Bryce Bray and now Hunter Woodard.

Woodard hails from Tuscola, Illinois where the 6-foot-5, 296-pound tackle has earned all-conference honors. The three-star prospect spoke with Rivals.com about his pledge.

“I just feel that Oklahoma State is simply the best place for me,” Woodard told Rivals. “They have great tradition, they are always a highly ranked program and are always playing in bowl games. Oklahoma State is just big time football. I really get along great with all of the coaches at Oklahoma State and between the relationships, the facilities and the entire program everything is just top notch. I just felt like I couldn’t do any better than Oklahoma State.”

According to Woodard, he was sold not only by OSU’s facilities but by his connection with Henson.

“The visit I made to Oklahoma State really blew me away,” Woodard said. “The offensive line coach Josh Henson and I have a similar background and personality and it’s just a great fit for me. It’s hard to describe just how amazing everything was at Oklahoma State.

“It’s truly the best of everything you could ask for. I’m just extremely happy.”

Woodard also holds offers from Illinois, Syracuse, Wyoming and Minnesota.

  • Pirate Pete

    Get this guy a job in the marketing department while he’s here. I’ve never heard such a glowing review of Oklahoma State!!!
    Ah nevermind I just remembered Brad Underwood. Hope we keep this guy until February. LOL

    • Tomball Poke

      Underwood just kinda had that used car salesman stench about him…..I was skeptical at first and the way things played out it just confirmed….

  • Lance C.

    Henson just seems to have “IT” I think you usually have it or not. I hope he helps out with other positions too. Now we have 3 OL. I wonder if he can say to the other assistants, I got my boys, how about you? Or maybe 1 more to go.

  • Matt Belanger

    Dont get me wrong, these are all fantastic grabs after we nabbed exactly 0 OL on signing day. However, itd be even better if we could see some 4* lineman getting in there, maybe a little flirting with a 5* guy? Im sure there’s a lot already in progress, but at some point we need the same number of stars on the line as we do in the slot and out wide.

    • HensonFund

      Would think he’s making in-roads with those recruits for 2019(!) and beyond. Most 5 stars don’t pick up the phone for just any coach.

    • Joseph C

      Top linemen are the most sought after recruits in the country, so don’t expect a ton of 4 and 5 star recruits especially in a guys first year. The guys he’s gotten are studs tho. Bray is a terrific player. Anthony has the athleticism and length to be a potential nfl guy. This kid is a bulldozer. Just watch their film on hudl. It’s not hard to tell who’s a stud and who’s not in the trenches. Also keep in mind that Russell Okung, Lane Taylor, and Levy Adcock were 3, 2, and 0 stars respectively.

    • guest

      I wouldn’t hold my breath for 4-5 star lineman coming this way anytime soon. We have to show stability as well as the production to place them in the NFL. Most blue chip OL prospects go to schools that position them to the NFL like bama, Ohio state, OU, USC. We dont have a great track record of putting them in the NFL just look at the last guy that was drafted was Okung in 2010. We start doing, and we’ll be in better position to land those guys year in, year out

  • Nick Reyes

    Good job Coach Henson. Keep up the good work. GO POKES!!!

  • Big D

    Seems like a good one. I have to wonder if this one sticks if he gets an offer from one of the better B1G schools.

    • Adam M.

      It’s gonna be tough for a coach to have a better relationship, facilities be better, and program philosophy be better at any one place. That’s a lot of check boxes to hit. Not saying it’s impossible, but unless he’s an Underwood prodigy I bet he sticks.

      Another note: Adkins had great commits lined up about this time last year, they just didn’t stick. I know Henson is labeled as a closer in that regard, but come signing day will be the real gauge of his successes this recruiting cycle.

      • Big D

        That’s what im sayin. We dont have many guys from up there. We’re also not in a conference that plays near there. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if Wisconsin, or one of the Michigans jumps in.