Josh Holliday Speaks About Brad Underwood to Illinois

Written by Kyle Cox

With the news whirlwind of Brad Underwood’s departure for Illinois yet to settle, why not hear from current OSU baseball coach Josh Holliday about what he thinks?

Besides, John Smith was in St. Louis for the NCAA Championships and Mike Gundy was probably out honing his amateur herpetological skills.

Since Holliday was in Stillwater for his Cowboys sixth-straight win, why not pick his brain on the biggest news in town?

Following the Cowboys 7-2 home win over Northwestern State, Holliday was asked about another sport, another coach.

Here’s part of what he had to say from an article in the O’Colly.

“I could hear it in the stands the whole game,” said Holliday on the Underwood chatter. “Was quite a talking point.”

It was all of the talking points on Saturday as an entire fan base reacted to the staggering news with disdain, confusion and the ever-present call for an alumnus to finally head back home.

Holliday knows all about that. In fact, between he, Mike Gundy and John Smith, former Cowboys seem to be the standard for success at OSU.

“If there’s a place he belongs that’s not here, then good luck to him,” said Holliday. “We’ll hire somebody here that’ll be great, just like when we hired him, we thought we got the greatest coach in the world. Best of luck to him, and our administration will hire someone who will come in here and do a great job.”

Holliday recognizes the business side of things, as well.

“It is what it is,” he said. “It’s college sports. No need to hang your head over it, though. It’s the kids that play the games. We could turn around, walk out of here tomorrow. This program belongs to the kids. That’s the same way our basketball program is, and the kids that are in it will do fine, and we’ll hire a great coach.”

  • Matt Cox

    Pretty safe comments from Holliday. He’d make a fine politician.

  • UrbanCowboy

    I’m proud to have Coach Holliday in the fold. I thought his statement was actually VERY good coming in a post game presser.

    • Pokefan81

      Holder better get this man a new stadium soon or he’s going to be looking for a new baseball coach as well…

  • TC_42

    Small potatoes right now, I know, but that comma mistake in the first sentence is pretty horrific. Please get a copy editor if you want to seem more legit.

    • Shanewill3

      Get over yourself.

      • TC_42

        Perhaps you’d prefer the blog to be written in textspeak.

        I absolutely love PFB, and wanting it to be as professional as possible is no bad thing. I’m sure Kyle would agree.

        • Scott in Texas

          You might have missed the days when the misused “like,” was interjected on a regular basis. It has become much more professional.

    • VACowboy

      Find something more worthy to criticize. This site is far more worthy of daily reading than most newspaper sites that cover the Pokes.

      • Top7276

        Here is the reality for life in the future big 12. Big 10 schools will soon ( next year) make $15 to $18 million more than every big 12 school. SEC conf already makes more. Big 12 ranks 5th in the big 5 conf. , with no hope of moving forward by abstaining from expanding with the least amount of population and tv. Viewers of the 5 major conf. What is holding northwestern, Iniana, etc ( all big 10, sec schools from doing the same). from going after coaches and recruits. The big 12 mantra is we ” pay nearly as much ” as other conf. This is far from the truth for 2017 and beyond. Expand now or die as a conf in 2yrs when big 10 cherry picks ku and ou

  • Melicia Barnes Sharp

    You known his statement about the sports being about the kids is true and also not true. Often times we forget that the coaches are the longevity of the program as the students are here and gone in 2-4 years. Coaches recruit, coach and lead many classes, hopefully for many years if they are good. Think of Sutton. Face of OSU basketball for years…its business, but it’s also relationship. That’s why these kinds of breaks hurt be it players or coaches.

  • Rob Martin

    Well… Those were pretty passionless comments! Your basically saying that loyalty is meaning

  • Dallas Barber

    I will bet my meager life savings that if holder doesnt build this man a new stadium, he too will be gone like the wind