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Josh Stewart’s punt return was incredible

Gus on the call, Stewart on the run, Craig on the hit — this punt return on Saturday was quite an event.



There was a lot going on during this Josh Stewart punt return, here are my favorite things in the order that they happened…

0:13 — Three simultaneous blocks on dudes that just kept rolling toward the end zone. Also, foreshadowing.

0:16 — I love that thing Stewart does when he sees open field where he puts his head down and starts swinging his arms really hard from the elbow. Randle had the shimmy, Tatum had the chinstrap-rip, Stewart has the head-down, elbow-pump.

0:18 — You know Gus always has six on his mind and at the 18-second mark he starts to feel it. You can hear him almost willing Stewart into the end zone. “Stewart…cuts it across…STEWART!!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S GOT DAYLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Gus is the best on crazy stuff like this.

0:23 — Zack Craig does his best “I did not touch that man” maneuver.

0:26 — Craig turns around and just murders somebody.

0:27 — All of the TCU special teams players /dead (see below)

0:27 — John Goodlet (No. 15) is basically knocking guys over by just looking at them. He walks off the play like he’s Floyd Mayweather.

0:31 — I love the kiss to the crowd from No. 5.


Quite the event.

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