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Just How Good Has Oklahoma State’s Defensive Line Been?



The eye test (I know … ) tells me Oklahoma State’s defensive line has been awesome. Case in point right here.

Reader Nicholas DeMaio pointed out that it goes beyond the eye test, too. OSU has three of the top 10 Big 12 leaders in tackles for loss per game. Here’s a look.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.02.50 PM

That’s crazy, right?! Throw in what Darrion Daniels and Co. have done and a perceived weakness seems to be turning into an immense strength.

“I would say they’re a little ahead of where I thought they’d be,” said Mike Gundy earlier this week about his defensive tackles. “Vince is playing good and Motekiai is giving us some good quality reps. I like what Eric Davis has done. He hasn’t turned the corner but he’s peeking around it. Darrion Daniels has exceeded my expectations as to what a true freshman could do at that position at this level.”

Gundy isn’t the only one who’s taken notice either. Texas running back Johnathan Gray talked about OSU’s line earlier this week.

“OSU is great competition, great team, great school,” said Gray. “They’re not going to come in here lightly. We know that. We know we have to go to work.

“Their defense is a strong defense this year. Their front is amazing. We have to go in with a game plan, go in there like dogs.”

Hopefully, the Oklahoma State front continues to as well.

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