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Kansas Notebook: Cowboys Get Well against the Jayhawks

OSU bounces back against KU, back in driver’s seat for a trip to Arlington.



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Due to some technical difficulties, I was unable to get this notebook out last night. But in case anyone wanted to relive OSU’s pre-Halloween slaughter of Kansas for Homecoming, I’ve tried to include all the spooky details.

(Again, I ran into an issue with the post last night, possibly from the Cowboys creating more highlight plays than the server could hold. So excuse any missed thoughts or choppiness. Somewhere in the either are typed thoughts on Brennan Presley’s greatness and Spencer Sanders’ redemption tour.)

• Cowboys flex on defense and stonewall the Jayhawks on third-and-1. The Big 12’s best third-down defense forces a three-and-out on the opening possession.

• Spencer Sanders goes deep to Brennan Presley on OSU’s first play and draws a PI.

• Cowboys cruise down the field just to get stopped themselves just to get stopped on a fourth-and-1. Remember when everyone roasted Gundy for not going for it deep on fourth-and-1 in Ames?


• Faced with a long field, the Jayhawks couldn’t muster a first down. Malcolm Rodriguez flushed Jason Bean out of the pocket and his pass fell incomplete. But if this would have gotten reeled in, KU might be up 7-0.

• After stepping out of bounds shy of the first down to avoid a defender on the previous drive, Sanders decided to go through a Jayhawk to move the chains on this one. And he left a little bit of that sexy 1961 helmet on his opponent.

• Spencer put a defender on rollerskates on this option play. Cowboys get on the board.

SCORE: Oklahoma State 7, Kansas 0 | 1st QUARTER 5:49

• No. 25 has a Justin Gilbert-like nose for the ball.

• OSU unable to get the first down after the turnover, but Tanner Brown gets a little redemption from last week, nailing a 49-yard field goal to put the Pokes up 10.

SCORE: Oklahoma State 10, Kansas 0 | 1st QUARTER 3:33

• They’re. Takin. It. Back.

• The Cowboys sneak another score in before the end of the first to take a 17-0 lead, thanks to that favorable field position, Sanders and Brennan Presley.

SCORE: Oklahoma State 17, Kansas 0 | 1st QUARTER 0:27

• At the end of the first quarter, Kansas has yet to get a first down. The Jayhawks’ first five drives went like this.

Interception on first play
Interception on third play

• Spencer can throw on the run.

• Let me say that again. SPENCER CAN THROW ON THE RUN.

SCORE: Oklahoma State 24, Kansas 0 | 2nd QUARTER 11:42

• Brennan Presley finds the end zone on a reverse play. It’s his second score of the day, and the Pokes keep rolling.

SCORE: Oklahoma State 31, Kansas 0 | 2nd QUARTER 5:58

• And how bout that block from a QB? Sanders is punishing KU defenders.

• Kansas has 32 rushing yards. OSU has 31 points.

• This has dissolved into a Spencer Sanders highlight reel.

• Dominic Richardson hits a hole and scores for the first time this season.

SCORE: Oklahoma State 38, Kansas 0 | 2nd QUARTER 2:23

• Bean almost got KU’s first first down of the night on an 8-yard camper, but he’s short. On the next play, Bean gets tackled for a 2-yard loss. KU is now 0-for-8 on third down.

• OMG Malcolm, lol.

• Looks like Spencer is done for the night. No. 3 had a heck of a first half.

12-of-19 for 157 yards passing and 53 yards rushing. He scored thrice (twice by air, once by land).

• Tim Brando : “Shane Englewood is in the game.”

• On his second try, Brando went with “Ingleworth.”

• And that’s the end of the half. Cowboys up 38 to nothin’.

• The Cowboys outgained the Jayhawks 331-49 in the first two quarters, out-passing them 161-10 and out-rushing them 170-39. KU has yet to move the chains in 26 tries.

• That’s one heck of a drive chart. In nine first-half possessions, KU has six three-and-outs, two turnovers by INT and one on downs. I know it’s Kansas but that’s a dominant defensive performance.

• New quarter, new QB, same result. The Cowboys stretch their first possession of the second half to nine plays and 3:45 off the clock, but it ends with Shane Illingworth finding Bryson Green in the end zone for this nice high-point score.

SCORE: Oklahoma State 45, Kansas 0 | 3rd QUARTER 11:15

• It’s the 9:16 mark of the third quarter and Kansas just earned its first first down of the game. Backup the Brinks truck, a truck of cigars, whatever you need to keep Jim Knowles in Stillwater.

• That first down would leave to Kansas’ longest possession of the game, a 12-play drive that resulted in a field goal and took 7:25 off of the clock. Jayhawks won’t get blanked.

SCORE: Oklahoma State 45, Kansas 3 | 3rd QUARTER 3:50

• Rookie receiver John Paul Richardson reeled in all four of his targets and logged his first career score, and OSU is past the half-century mark. KU needs another seven-minute drive so these kids can get to their Halloween parties.

SCORE: Oklahoma State 52, Kansas 3 | 4th QUARTER 14:28

• There is still 14 minutes left of game time. A Gunnar Gundy sighting would complete the night for me. And, with the No. 12 jersey, he would be kind of going as his dad for Halloween.

• This game has it all.

• Alex Hale gets a shot. He hasn’t kicked a field goal since the Kansas State game. He nails a chip shot from 26 yards to put the Pokes back up by 50.

SCORE: Oklahoma State 55, Kansas 3 | 4th QUARTER 10:54

• This pretty much sums it up.

Final Thoughts

• OSU did what it was supposed to do and beat up on an inferior KU squad. Does running it up on KU really mean this team can win a Big 12 title? I dunno. But the confidence boost, specifically for OSU’s offense, is priceless and could set the Pokes up for an exciting final leg of their schedule. Fake it till you make it.

• On that note, Iowa State fell in Morgantown thanks to a controversial football spot meaning if the season stopped now, OSU would play Oklahoma in the conference title game thanks to a tie-breaker over Baylor.

• The Cowboys head to Morgantown to face those Mountaineers who are on a bit of a hot streak, winners of two-straight.

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