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Kansas Superlatives



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Winners: Those who lost the channel when the Baylor/TCU game came on, Kansas’ backup QB, Charlie Moore, Gundy’s hat (it’s 1-0), Robert Allen TV time (he’s never more than five feet from Gundy), Sharp’s Groza resume, two straight home games.

Losers: Those who continued to get the channel when the Baylor/TCU game came on, seamstresses in Lawrence (how many days to thread Weis’ clothes?), Justin Gilbert in coverage, Justin Gilbert’s tackling, passes to Blake Jackson, Kansas’ kicking game[1. Their punter had never punted before today.].

Best play: The last one.

Worst play: All the ones before the last one.

Best player: Quinn Sharp, as I covered here: 4/5 touchbacks, 2/3 field goals, 5 punts with an average of 54 yards, a potential-TD-saving tackle on a kick return, and exacerbating the last roughing the kicker penalty which sealed the game.

Worst player: Joe Randle was terrible. Partly because he ran poorly and partly because Monken never really got him in space. That kickout semi-screen by Walsh to him is getting tired.

“God, why?!” moment: When we were kicking to Kansas up only six with 2:20 left. I was prostrate under my couch with my iPhone duct taped to my head just listening to the TV…

Uniform Heisman: Great call by @justinsouthwell on Twitter — Sharp wins this too for going gray sleeves under the white top to complement the gray helmet/pants. Great look.

Quote: Gundy – “Wes Lunt could have played if we needed him.” Well crap, good thing we took care of business early on…

Other quote: Monken – “We decided early in the week to go with Walsh and we weren’t going to switch QBs or gameplans during the game.”

Best name: Kansas has a guy named Pick and he’s a wide receiver. Get this though, he’s number 7. As someone on Twitter pointed out[1. I honestly don’t remember who so if it was you leave a comment so I can credit you] he should just change his number to 6 and ask Weis if he can play defense…

GIF of the game: Oh DEFINITELY this one…


Tweeter of the game: @scooterandjack were ON FIRE all day for the OU-Texas game. You should definitely follow them.

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