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Last 3 Years



Overall wins the last 3 years:

36 Boise State
35 Alabama
34 TCU
33 Florida
32 Utah
31 Ohio State
30 Oregon
30 Texas
29 Virginia Tech
29 Oklahoma
29 Penn State
28 Oklahoma State
28 USC
28 Nebraska
27 Brigham Young
27 Cincinnati
27 Iowa
27 LSU
27 Missouri
27 Wisconsin

A few thoughts on this…

  • It’ll be interesting to do this again in a year or two. Texas is free-falling, so are USC and Florida to an extent. It would be pretty sweet to see OSU reach the top 7-8 of this list.
  • I don’t really see Boise leaving the top spot any time in the near future.
  • I’m surprised Wisconsin only has 27. It feels like they just pump out 10 win seasons like they pump carries to their running backs: often.
  • Utah – Kyle Whittingham. Somebody needs to hire that guy.
  • I’m a little surprised Texas Tech and Georgia aren’t on this list. I guess it goes to show how difficult it is to consistently win 8-9-10 games every year. Props to Gundy on that. He does a lot of stuff that makes me say, “whaaaat is he doing?!” but he’s been consistent, I’ll give him that.

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