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LD Brown Snapping the ‘U’ Over His Knee Was a Savage Bowl Moment

And of course I loved it.



Bowl games are when you empty the tank. Where stockpiled trick plays are finally used, where saved-up trash talk is unleashed. And thank goodness for LD Brown who took that to heart.

After scoring a touchdown Tuesday night in the Cheez-It Bowl, Brown said nothing — yet said everything — when he crossed the plane, flashed the “U” on the screen … then smashed it on his knee. Here’s the play:

And here’s a closer look. Notice he actually flashes the U, turns the U upside down, then savagely cracks it like an egg. Just exceptional, well-thought-out taunting. You have to respect it.

Brown finished his day with 12 carries for 42 yards and a score and added a catch that went for negative yardage. It wasn’t a career day for him, but who cares? His team got the win, and he emptied the trash talk tank with a legendary taunt.

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