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Le’Bryan Nash is now a father

Can she play point guard?



Pretty cool moment for OSU’s best basketball player over the weekend as he announced on Twitter and Instagram that his first child — a daughter named Kenleigh — was born.

Here’s a look at her with him:

“Today was the best day of my life cause at 1:39 this morning I was blessed with a beautiful daughter name LeKenleigh and now words can’t even explain how motivated I am to make sure she lives a great life.”

I’m not sure but maybe he just throws a Le in front of everybody’s name? Maybe I’m LeKyle and the guy that does stats for this site is LeOKC Dave?

Either way, Nash changed his Twitter profile to read: “Hoop for OSU I play this game for 2 reasons Samantha[1. His mom.] and Kenleigh Nash.”

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