Le’Bryan Nash might be growing the Andrew Bynum afro

Written by Kyle Porter

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 8.05.29 AM

I can’t believe it’s the middle of September, OSU has potentially one of its five best defenses ever, and I’m writing about Le’Bryan Nash’s new haircut but you have to understand how irrationally excited I am about this Oklahoma State basketball season.

Nash kind of needs a new identity, too. I think this Andrew Bynum-ish afro could do him some good.[1. I’m not sure Andrew Bynum is the guy I should be channeling with the words “new identity” but yeah.]┬áHe needs a stark transformation from “the aloof guy who nobody totally trusts” to “Marcus Smart’s sidekick.” I can think of many, many worse things in life than being sidekick to No. 33.

Speaking of Smart, his pose here is pretty great — U MAD I’M BACK, BIG 12?

h/t Travis Ford

  • Spencer Williams

    That picture looks gay. Looks like he is in the middle of something very bad. This picture should be destroyed. NOW!

    • Sugar Skull Pete

      Are you saying that picture is only sexually attracted to other pictures?

      • Spencer Williams

        Why is 33 bending over? Looks bad, his head/hand is in 22s crotch. 21 is standing so close to 33s bent over rump. It looks bad, very bad. I hope only a handful of people have seen this so far and this can be removed from the site quickly, Kyle.

  • TC

    Looks like a young Kobe afro

    • Kyle Porter

      True story.