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Leftover Notes: Bundage on 3rd Downs and Ateman is a Pro



After touching off my 10 Thoughts on Saturday evening, I still had a few things rattling around my digital notebook. I trust this is a safe space to empty those (although after seeing my DMs and mentions post-TCU, that might be incorrect).

In any case, here they are.

• This might be stupid, but I really think Oklahoma State should take the ball first from now on if they win the coin toss.

• Calvin Bundage is so versatile on third downs. Never know what he’s going to do. Of course, I’m not sure he does either, which is sort of a problem.

• Rodarius Williams calling for offensive PI in the first quarter was maybe my favorite thing that happened all day. He was tested (as much as Kenny Hill jump balls test you) all day, and I thought he played good not great.

• Did anyone else watching on TV think the band was playing more than usual?

• Michael …

• This was a real note I had from Q1: Do only crazy things happen to OSU?

• Advantage of having a superstar senior at QB is you’re never out of it. I truly thought Oklahoma State was in the game until the TD with three minutes left.

• Low-key great catch here.

• The back foot throw into double coverage by Trill was the best.

• How hard did OSU ride Justice in the first half? Harder or less hard than Alabama rode Trent Richardson to the 2011 national championship?

• TCU took away everything in the secondary.

• I tried to remember what I did during halftime against Texas A&M in 2011 and do those same things. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the same.

• OSU’s special teams need some, uh, work.

• I loved those outs Rudolph started throwing in the second half. Ateman looked like a NFL receiver for most of the last two quarters.

• This went unnoticed, but Rudolph passed the 10K yards passing mark.

• This was true! OSU got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the first half because somebody (Dequinton Osborne?) couldn’t hear the whistle (or “couldn’t hear the whistle”).

• Did OSU miss Chris Lacy? They might have.

• Here is a note I wrote: That throw from Rudolph to Stoner. My GOSH.

• It felt for a while like TCU was scared to insert the dagger. You’re milking clock in the middle of the third? That’s a good way to get SportsCenter top 10ed at the buzzer.

• What a photo.

• Second and third down with 7 minutes left and TCU up just 10. That’s when the game felt like it flipped. It really felt like some momentum was building right after the disgusting Stoner TD, and Trill just put a hatchet in it with these two plays (TCU went on to score on that controversial goal line TD).

• Are we sure OSU went to James Washington enough? Seven targets, six receptions, 153 yards. Felt like they should have thrown the season at their best dude.

• Never go full Deadspin.

• I thought one of the underrated moments of the game was OSU’s last kickoff. Kick that through the end zone, and you could have pinned TCU deep and possibly gotten a shot. Alas, they let them run it back to the 50, and three plays later, that was that.

• Put the phones down, people.

• I capped my night with Iowa-Penn State, which looked for a minute like it might end 16-15! This just after Baylor’s students chanted “who’s your daddy?” at Baker. College football, despite the losses and bummer games, is still the greatest.

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