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Leftover Notes from Friday Night’s Blowout Against USA



I almost always take notes during Oklahoma State games. More notes than I ever took while actually at Oklahoma State. I use these notes for my 10 Thoughts or missives on Mason Rudolph. This Friday, though, I didn’t use that many of them for the 10 Thoughts so I thought I’d empty them out before we move on to Pittsburgh.

• I had a whole host of USA jokes queued up that fell flat or didn’t pan out. I was excited about nearly all of them which I believe proves that I am old and that I am a dad and that I need to rely on the younger writers here for the funnies.

• The uniform, I loved it. Carson said this in our postgame show, but it might have been the best combo Oklahoma State has ever worn. I think I’m still partial to Iowa State in 2011 by a sliver (because I liked those numbers better), but this tri-colored look in Mobile was most definitely elite.

• Oklahoma State has more than twice as many TD drives of fewer than three plays (5) than it has three-and-outs this year (2). That’s amazing.

• Dusty Dvoracek is really good. Come at me.

• I think this was my favorite tweet from Friday night.

• Jarrell Owens is a stud. Watching him run down a South Alabama receiver was an absolute delight.

• Oklahoma State was under 20 second per play for the first three quarters on Friday night. That’s lightning fast. I noted this last week, but anything under 20 seconds is ludicrous, and anything under 19 is historic. We’ll look at it more closely later in the season, but I’m pretty sure this is the fastest a Mike Yurcich offense has ever played. ESPN couldn’t even get an instant replay in!

• How many people were surprised that South Alabama’s clocks and scoreboard broke? Five or less than five? Also, it’s fitting that in what felt like the longest quarter in college football history (the third quarter of this game), the clock broke.

• Calvin Bundage might be insane, Part LXVI.

• I’m not sure when I won’t be confused by 27/5 at running back, but Friday night was not that night.

• This seems good.

• If I’m ranking what Mason Rudolph is best at, I think the top two are checking down and avoiding pressure in the pocket. And he’s impeccable at both. Buying yourself extra time when you’re already really good with the time you have is paramount to success in the NFL.

• I loved S. Alabama’s first first down. The receiver who caught the pass hopped up and went Randy Moss with his first down signal. Bro, it’s the middle of the second quarter and 22 minutes of game time have elapsed. This is your first first down of the night.

• Good from 63.

• How about two first half shutouts in the last three games (dating back to the Alamo Bowl) for Oklahoma State? No defense in the Big 12, though.

• This was easily the play of the game for me. The DQ pass rush, not the Bundage hit.

• Dallas Davis is a great name.

• It looked as if Bundage was being taken to prison when he got ejected!

• ???

• Does Mike Gundy have a mullet or nah? I’m not sure ESPN has made this public yet.

• Blackjack Gundy. You know this named happened at a craps table in Vegas and Todd Monken was 1000 percent involved.

• Is the photo at the top a great photo of Mike Gundy or the best photo of Mike Gundy?

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