Live Mailbag Thursday: Porter, Cunningham Preview Baylor and Talk Homecoming

Written by PFB Staff

At 2 p.m. today Kyle Porter and Carson Cunningham will be taping their Thursday podcast to preview the Baylor-Oklahoma State Homecoming game. They’ll stream it on Facebook Live, and we’ll embed that here so you can watch it on Facebook or on this post, and we’ll toss the podcast up later on as well.

Get your questions in on the comments section down there ? — They’ll answer as many as possible about the Pokes and whatever else you guys want to talk about. You can also send questions in via Facebook or Twitter.

  • Bbjd

    With Kansas looking like it is being roped in to the FBI investigation do you guys have any doubt this is going to tear down every program who has offered a top 100 recruit in the last 10-15 years.

  • Godwin Dixon

    #1 With the left side of the line being healthy, and having the man mountain Cochran over there, why are we not running behind them more often?

    #2. An OU friend believes that a motivating factor for Bob Stoops quitting was he didn’t want to fire his brother and knew it was in evitable. Thoughts? How big of a role did that play?

    #3. How much quality depth do we have on the offensive line? Looks like a good chance we are again two deep, is that the extent of quality back ups or can we go deeper?

  • David Isaac Mosley

    Fast forward to next year….. who is our QB woods or wudtee? Who do you want? And assuming we will have a new OC (assuming yurcich gets a HC job) do we run more of an offense like TCU in 2014 seeing that our QB can run under a 5.2 40 lol?

    • Alum in AZ

      Perhaps Spencer Sanders as true freshman…

  • Alum in AZ

    With OL injuries mounting (sad to read news on Lundblade this morning!), is it time to introduce the (typically reserved for bowl game) “Jumbo Package” in red zone short yardage situations? We have lots of DL depth and solid athletes there. Let’s bring in DQ or Daniels and pound the ball in the end zone! [Just for the record, I am not in favor of DQ running the option, however! 🙂 ]

    • Saucy Takes

      Im all in not sure why teams dont do this more often from1 or 2.. Is it frowned upon in the coaching realm

  • Saucy Takes

    What will you need to see this week in the Baylor game to grab a case of orange kool-aid as you depart the orange oasis?

    • Tbeezy

      Honestly for me 60-17 or something like that. I know they played OU really well but they don’t have their best RB and their defense is still really young. Baylor should not stop our offense and our defense needs to start forcing TOs.

      Anything short of that and I think we see close games the rest of the year besides Kansas.

  • James

    If Gundy coaches 5 more years and keeps winning 9-10 games like he has been, who should OSU build a statue of first- Gundy or Barry Sanders?

  • Al

    Project our record over the next 6 games. These are big boy games coming up, @Texas, @WVU, OU, @ISU, KSU…….. not overlooking BU, but have to prepare and bring best game from here on out. No room for errors.

  • Seth D

    Would you trade our depth at WR — say Chris Lacy or Dillon Stoner — for a stud on the defensive side?

    • Sean Flanagan

      I would trade Lacy for a Right Tackle and Tyron Johnson for a CB. Keep Stoner cause he has more years left.

  • Tbeezy

    What is your #1 uniform wish for homecoming this year?

    • Alum in AZ

      I predict a retro helmet for homecoming again, but what I’m really looking for is a new, good orange helmet. Gigantic Chrome Pete is the only good orange helmet we’ve ever had and that’s a few years old. Time to try again… Something like orange chrome with a chrome black brand and chrome black stripe, perhaps?

  • Friend of the Pod

    Lets say TCU and OSU both have 1 loss going into the championship game. If OSU wins, will it be good enough for the committee (who has been sketchy in their rankings) to put us in the playoff? Or are we looking at a cotton bowl appearance with 1 loss and a Big 12 championship?

  • Saucy Takes

    Hypothetically: Would you rather this team Win a New years six bowl or the basketball team make a run to the final four and lose

    • Sugar Skull Pete

      Are those basketball wins in danger of being vacated with the FBI investigation?

  • Sean Flanagan

    Which Transfer has been the bigger bust so far: Tyron Johnson or Adrian Baker? Both were supposed to do great things for “Transfer U” but have not lived up to our expectations.

  • Matt

    Do you think the sloppy play that we’ve seen the last couple of games has been because of the relaxed environment that the team had during the preseason?

  • Matt

    Which defense should we expect for rest of the season? The defense that held the Texas Tech offensive to 27 points in Lubbock, or the defense that couldn’t get off the field against TCU?

  • ?? Will Klose

    Just how depressing is this year’s Homecoming and Hoops in contrast to that of last year?

  • sean

    What’s the tie-breaker this year if three teams end up with 1 loss?

    • Tbeezy

      CFP Ranking

      • Saucy Takes

        Actually in a 3 way tie this year it goes to two best teams in point differential among the three tied teams. assuming the three tied have gone 1-1 against each other obviously at that having the same record against all remaining teams in the league

        • Tbeezy

          Right. Previously it CFP Ranking.

          This doesn’t seem like our strength as we never blow out average teams

          • Saucy Takes

            In this case yes but if it were OU TCU and OSU which is nearly impossible now with OU’s loss…. Id rather not have ranking cause we are more likely to be ranked below regardless of point differential.

  • Tbeezy

    Higher number: Oklahoma State wins or Tyron Johnson catches for the year?

  • Tbeezy

    Can any of the blame for run game/play calling be put on Mason? Does he check into a run too much?

  • Tbeezy

    Which college football QB would you take first in the NFL draft?

  • Mkobize

    Our error-ridden loss to the Horned Frogs resulted in them being approximately in the position we would have (should have) been. In order for the Pokes to live up to pre-season expectations, they will have to run the table. From what I’ve seen in terms of questionable game plans, predictable play calling, and failure to adjust to what the opponent is doing, I don’t see that happening. I’d be interested in your opinion.

  • Adam M.

    Lol, WTF Nation! ??? With the mics.

  • Adam M.

    Y’all had mics but not convinced they were working. Carson’s mic went wild when he raised his shirt and the iPhone headset mic was isolated. You guys need help? Just hate to think y’all are buying equipment for a solid audio output and it’s not being used.