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A Look Back at 2016: Second Quarter



This period from April through June is almost always the most dead time of year, but OSU baseball provided a bit of a spark with its incredible run to Omaha. Combine that with a little golf and a little recruiting and we had a pretty decent quarter for the slowest time of year on the college sports calendar.

Top Five Posts

1. OU tries to ban Boomer Sooner. Oh that this would have passed.

2. Brooks Thompson has died. This is still stunning to me. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

He was one of my first ever memories of OSU hoops. He and Country rocking the old GIA. He was a great, great player and somebody who was probably perpetually underrated. The most devastating part to me is how young he was. Forty-five! And survived by three kids and a wife. That’s awful. I’m not real sure what else to say about this other than I’m stunned. RIP Brooks. You were one of the best and one of the reasons I first fell in love with Stillwater and Oklahoma State.

3. Dez comments on Chuba Hubbard. This taps into something interesting when it comes to running a college sports blog. Often, the stuff that gets the most eyeballs is what comes before (high school recruiting) and what comes after (Pokes in the pros) rather than, you know, what we’re actually covering (Oklahoma State athletics).

4. Baylor fires Art Briles. Hey, he was at Colorado practice this week though!

5. JD King commits. An excuse for me to praise Kyle Boone for the ways in which he has elevated this blog. They are innumerable.

Top Podcast

OSU baseball is roocking. We also talked about whether Mason Rudolph scares teams. I thought he did at the time. Now, I’m not so sure..


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