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Look: Oklahoma State Installs 1945 National Championship Sign at BPS



Oklahoma State started (and finished?) installation on a new 1945 national championship sign inside Boone Pickens Stadium on Wednesday. Here’s what that looks like.

I love this because of how many people — specifically those in crimson and cream — it is going to infuriate. Did Oklahoma State win a football national championship in 1945? Technically, yes even though it wasn’t awarded until 2016 by the American Football Coaches Association. Is it hilarious that they’re hanging the banner over 70 years later? Also yes!

But hey, if we want to talk banners, OU, then maybe you guys should take this one down claiming that 2012 Big 12 title which was won by Kansas State because, you know, they beat you 24-19 in Norman.

So yeah, maybe that 1945 champs banner is a little goofy, but it’s fun and people will appreciate it and mostly it will get under the skin of the fans of other teams. That’s why you hang banners to begin with, right?

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