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Looking Back: James Washington Delivered the Quote of the Weekend



After Saturday’s game, James Washington was asked about what he would miss most about having Mason Rudolph as his quarterback. I sort of unwittingly tossed the quote on Twitter on Sunday, and it blew up a little bit. I was mildly surprised, but maybe I shouldn’t have been.

I’m not super sentimental about much of anything, but as I noted on Saturday, Senior Day always makes me feel old and at least a little bit nostalgic. Toss in Washington talking poignantly about QB1, and the sadness that emanated on social media is understandable.

Here’s what Washington said when he was asked the question (you can watch below, too).

“(I’ll miss Mason) being my friend,” said Washington. “It’s not going to be the same. We’ll go to the next level. It’s not like we’ll see each other every day. Just being my friend. His leadership, we mess up, and he’s the first guy there. For him to get us going like that means a lot to me and means a lot to other guys, I’m sure.”

The Oklahoma State crowd was sparse on Sunday, but they got to witness one final Rudolph2Washington connection on the field (barring the bowl game, of course).

“They missed a heck of a show,” said Gundy of those who didn’t show up to Boone Pickens Stadium. “That’s their choice. I’m good with that … there’s only so many times you get to see guys like that play. They’re pretty special. I’m not down on the, but you missed a heck of a show.

“You had a chance to watch basically the Biletnikoff winner … in my opinion a guy who could very will win the Davey O’Brien (Award).”

It’s true. I understand why people didn’t come, but it was a nice curtain call for two of the best ever in Stillwater. And while those who were there will remember a touching sendoff and all 38 of Washington’s career TDs in Stillwater, it’s this quote from 28 that will stick with me.

I’ll miss my friend.

What is college football (and all of this) about if not those four words? Those two shared a lot of big moments and a lot of little ones in practice, in the weight room and on the bus that we never saw.

It’s not going to be the same.

We got a peek into that friendship on Saturdays, which was fun. But it clearly runs much deeper than dig routes and fist bumps. We may never again partake in what those two brought to the table over the last four years. More importantly, they may not either.

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