Mailbag Thursday: Send Your Questions for Today’s Podcast

Written by PFB Staff

Carson Cunningham and Kyle Porter are recording a podcast later this afternoon and want some mailbag questions to discuss.

They’re open to talking about pretty much anything. Mike Gundy, Mike Boynton, Mike Holder, Mike Yurcich, anyone on earth named Mike, Baker Mayfield going Adidas (YES!), Carson’s dog. Any of it.

Submit your questions in the comments section or on Twitter, and the podcast will drop later this afternoon.

  • James Engel

    Outside of Ateman, Washington, and Rudolph, who else do you think can actually get drafted / realistically make a final NFL roster come August?

  • B

    Any news on the new baseball stadium? We’ve been told for years that we are “really close” to announcing the plans.

  • Forever 14

    What does Glen Spencer have on Mike Gundy? Pictures with animals and naughty nurse costumes, sound recordings of a Satanic child sacrifice, something else?

    • tomg

      Glen has embraced Mike’s system of less reps and less contact or he would be gone by now like Holgy and Monken. How can Gundy blame Spencer when Gundy’s system doesn’t produce the desired results? The guy is from Georgia and is still has a ways to go defending spread offenses. Who is interested in being the next DC at oSu with Gundy’s system?

      • Forever 14

        Don’t think Gundy has a defensive “system”, at least I’ve never seen or read about him having one. My concern about getting a new DC is how Gundy treated Bill Young, who worked miracles and nearly got us to a national championship and then got dumped for reasons that were beyond bogus after one off-year which, by the way, was better than any of Glen Spencer’s years (after his first where he inherited Young’s defense).

    • Forever 14

      Never mind…

  • brentparkey

    So far, this year’s recruiting class is ranked higher than in year’s past. How much of that is a boost from early signing day and how much is the benefit of having three 10 win seasons leading up to it?

    Second question: How many games do we need to win this year to maintain a positive trajectory in recruiting? Recruits were very unkind to Michigan State for going 4-8 one year after a playoff appearance.

  • Seth

    Who will have a more successful career in the NFL: Sam Darnold or Michael Dickson? My money is on Dickson!!

  • JeffB

    It’s hard for me not to interpret Gundy’s new demeanor about the 9-3 regular season and the attendant recruiting as a “plateauing” of his expectations. It’s as if he’s saying I like doing what I’m doing here, but don’t ask me to take it higher. For that reason, I was mostly (but not completely) indifferent about his latest flirtation w/ UTenn. Am I missing something? Is there a bigger fire that mere mortals like me don’t get to see?

    And so, if I am reading it right, where do we go? Somewhere between 8-4 to 10-2 each year?


    • Gallagher? I Hardly Know Her!

      That’s a lot of inferences from not a lot of facts. Not saying you are wrong, just saying I have a tough time extrapolating that much intent/apathy/motivations/etc from the little we see of Gundy. Do you have any specific quotes or examples that cause you to think this? Not trying to be rude, just trying to see your perspective. I lean towards assuming he wants to do his best at his job and for the program he has built, so I have a hard time reading into his comments the idea that “well I finally got good enough to not get fired so I’ll stop working now.”
      We could have a whole different discussion on his ideas of innovation/adaptability both on field and in recruiting, but that’s more personality and less motivation/performance…

  • What are your thoughts RE: the proposed transfer rule changes? In which sport(s) do you think this will serve the most benefit to the Cowboys?

  • Seth

    Would you rather have Mason Rudolph go #1 to the Browns or fall to the Redskins at #13 or Chargers at #17?
    Someone has to lead the Browns back to prominence (read: competence), why not Rudolph?

    • Forever 14

      The Browns have no supporting cast. A quarterback needs someone to hand the ball of to, receivers that can catch, and a line to protect him while he’s doing his job. The Browns are a total dumpster fire, and they keep hoping that their next quarterback will be the sliver bullet. The NFL should buy out the Browns and disband them for the good of football generally.

      • Seth

        Receivers: Corey Coleman (Belitnakoff) and Josh Gordon are both pretty good and David Njoku is a good receiving TE.
        Running Backs: Crowell is underutilized, Johnson Jr is a great receiving back, lots of mock drafts have Saquan Barkley @ #4 (which would greatly help Rudolph.
        Offensive Line: considered to be one of the better lines in football (doesn’t make up for Rudolph’s slow mental clock).
        The defense is #19 in PPG and looks to be on the rise. They struggle against the pass, however, which is why I think they target Safety and Corner in the draft.

        They are bound to regress to the mean eventually.

  • InquiringPoke

    Why is Gundy (apparently) content with having a defense that is a liability EVERY year? Does he feel like we are as good as we can be from a coaching/talent perspective? Is it not obvious to him that our lack of defense is going to prevent us from ever being an elite program?

    • Forever 14

      From the movie, “Little Big Man”:
      Jack Crabb: You’re not going to hang me?
      General Custer: Your miserable life is not worth the reversal of a Custer decision.

      Replace “hang” with “fire”, “Jack Crabb” with “Glen Spencer”, and “Custer” with “Gundy”, and I think you’re half-way there.

      • Forever 14

        Never mind.

  • InquiringPoke

    What kind of an impact do you see Chad Weiberg having on OSU athletics when he takes over? What will be his top three or four most immediate concerns to address?

  • Seth

    Who are the top seeds in a Coop Ale Works 8-beer tournament? Who makes the finals and who is the Cinderella story?

  • roundTXrock

    Boynton appears to be getting recognized for doing a great job with a limited roster.
    At what point do we start worrying about the poachers coming after him?

    More Native Amber toasts in 2K18!

  • Pistol Rick

    If I go to Chilis and they tell me there will be a 10 minute wait, does that then make me a Chili’s waiter?

    I’ll take it off the air, thanks.

  • tomg

    I would like to request a section to be added to this forum. A chronological history of oSu football under Mike Gundy. It would include previous and current recruiting class rankings and profiles and yearly stats for offense, defense, and special teams. This site does a great job of providing this analysis in articles, but would be nice to have a place where it is complied.

  • Saucy Takes

    I know this sounds odd but based on current talent and their production thus far along with the talent coming in do you think we are still fielding a top 10 receiver group in 2018?

  • Seth

    Glenn Spencer is out as DC. Who is on your wish list (outside hire or internal) and who do you think gets the job?

  • guest

    Which Division 3 Defensive Coordinator will Gundy hire to be our new DC now that Spencer is out?

    • Chris Baker

      Well played, though we’ve never had an issue of people wanting our DC often enough that Gundy has to dig into the lower ranks of college football. At this point I think Gundy would love to have a DC for a couple years that gets HC offers and leaves, I kind of wish Spencer had left for a HC position while the getting was good for him. I hate that we had to fire him, though I cannot disagree with the decision.

  • Seth

    If Trae Young had committed to OSU instead of OU, how far into march would this OSU team play?

  • Chris Baker

    Can you rank the following in order of most likely to be our next DC; Joe Bob, Michael Reed, Les Miles, Larry Johnson, Bob Gregory, Anthony Camponile, or other?

  • JeffB

    So much for questions-needed Thursday. {eyes rolling}

  • John P Stover

    With Spencer out as DC, what do you think about someone like Mike reed from Clemson? He is their secondary coach and has had multiple players from his secondary drafted into the NFL plus having his team top 10 in passing efficiency. He only made 420k last year.