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Marcus Smart didn’t want OSU to recruit him

He also talks about life, expectations for this season, and how he used to not like the color orange.



Really cool interview here with a laid-back Smart dishing on his life, his game, and his tennis skills. And him comparing himself to Rafa is pretty fantastic.

He also says (sort of tongue-in-cheek?) said he didn’t want OSU to recruit him after visiting in 2004 because GIA was too crowded (starts at 6:30).

Dude is pretty outstanding in interviews — I’m definitely going to enjoy this season.

Also, jheri curls? And is there anything in the world I’m less qualified to talk about than jheri curls?

Finally…two amazing GIFs from this interview. The first is obvious:

The second I never noticed…but watch the lady in the bottom left at the Smart presser where he said he was coming back. She is “Mark Madsen at the NBA Finals” level excited.

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