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Markelle Martin weighs in on the SI scandal

Markelle Martin had some interesting things to say about Joe DeForest and the potential OSU scandal on Twitter over the weekend.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

If there’s anybody not named Lucian Antoine who would have known about a Joe DeForest bounty system at Oklahoma State, it would have been Markelle Martin.

He vociferously denied this on Twitter over the weekend though.

I’m not saying the SI report is wrong (still don’t know what’s in it) but Martin gains nothing by voicing this on Twitter so it intrigues me that he did it. If the apparent allegations were true he would probably just keep quiet and nobody would think twice. Just something to keep in mind.

Also, I thought this statement was really fair — maybe it happened in 2004 and maybe it didn’t but according to Martin it didn’t happen to him while he was there.

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