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Marshall Moses: ‘I Get Asked All The Time About My Muscles’



Marshall Moses was back in town recently and participated in a little Q&A with[1. A newly-redesigned, I might add, that hilariously includes ads for Clint Chelf’s dad’s insurance business.] after hanging with Travis Ford and Co. during practice.

Moses talked a lot about the cultures he’s been immersed in which, coincidentally, is something Nolan and I talk about a lot. That is, how cool the opportunities are for playing basketball in non-NBA leagues.

Anyway, Moses said he gets asked about his guns a lot around the world (which is hysterical). Here’s how that went.

How much credit do you give OSU in your development?

Every last bit of it. Outside of God and my parents, most of the credit goes to Oklahoma State and this coaching staff. They gave me an opportunity. Coach Ford and his staff have helped me become the player I am today. I get asked all the time about my muscles – I got those here in Stillwater. When I got on campus I was barely 200 pounds, but I finished my playing career at 250. OSU gets all the credit.

He also cited Markel’s homicidal dunk on Mizzou as one of his three favorite GIA memories (he wasn’t even on that team, by the way). Because it’s summer, let’s all enjoy that.

Go enjoy the whole interview.

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