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Marshall Moses on Future of OSU Hoops: ‘I Can’t Wait to See What They Do’

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We had Marshall Moses on our podcast on Tuesday and talked about a wide variety of topics. He was really interesting on a number of different topics but spoke with particular passion about Mike Boynton and the future of an Oklahoma State hoops program that he once helped lead.

“My relationship with the program is great,” said Moses. “I was just down at a game with my family. It’s great, they always show love.”

As for Boynton, we aren’t the only ones who have noticed the way he interacts with and treats other people.

“Coach Boynton, I love his spirit and how much he’s embraced me,” said Moses. “He treats me as if I played for him. When people talk about how great of a guy he is … that’s what everybody says about whoever is in charge of anything. [But] the more time I get to be around him and know him, it’s almost shocking how good of a guy he is. He treats me as if I’m important. He looks me in the eye when I’m talking to him. He’s paying attention to what I’m saying as if I matter to him.

“He’s got a whole program to run and a life and a family, and he doesn’t even know me. He just knows me as a guy who’s associated with the program who used to play. I have no importance. I’m not a NBA guy. I’m just a guy. He treats me as more than that. That means something to me.”

Of course, handshakes and eye contact don’t win ballgames. Five-star talents and 3-point shooters do. OSU has a couple of those arriving in fall 2020.

“Coach Boynton is awesome … they can recruit and get some good guys,” added Moses. “You cut the head off and the body falls. The head guy is headed in the right direction. I think the program — I can’t wait to see what they do. I put my money on Oklahoma State going further than we’ve seen them go in a long time in the near future.”

I hope he’s right. Moses was once the No. 8 prep player in the country — albeit a three-star prospect — and signed to come halfway across the United States to play for Travis Ford in Stillwater. So he knows what it’s like to try and expand a program’s reach on a national level like Boynton is trying to do.

And while Boynton still has a lot of work ahead of him, I tend to agree with Moses. Buy the stock while it’s still low and hold on for what will hopefully be a wild ride.

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