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Mason Rudolph Training With Zac Robinson, Says He’s ‘Laser Focused’



Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph has made it an offseason habit to be trained by former OSU standout Zac Robinson. Entering his senior season, the South Carolina native made good on his habit again recently according to

“He’s come down a couple of times and it’s nice to get the work in,” Robinson said of the senior quarterback. “He’s always dying for more and more workouts and more information. He never stops. It is pretty impressive just to see his process and what he wants to put into this season and really attack every single day. He’s got a great process about everything he does and I’m really fired up to watch him play because everything is kind of clicking for him and he’s going to have a really good year. It is going to be fun to watch him.”

Rudolph enters the 2017 season with lofty expectations. With a Biletnikoff contender to throw to, an abundance of receivers, and an All-American running back to stand by his side in the backfield, it wouldn’t at all be stunning to see him kick his feet back and enjoy the attention he’s getting on a national scale. But Robinson praised Rudolph’s focus and willingness to push to acquire knowledge despite his successes on and off the field.

“He’s completely laser focused in and now when I work with him I’m not really coaching. It’s more reminders,” said Robinson. “You get to a certain level and it is just a reminder here and a reminder there. Coach Yurcich and those guys do such a good job with him that what I do is kind of an extension of what they’re doing. He knows what he needs to work on and some of the weaknesses that he ultimately wants to become strengths and I think he’s done that in the off season. He is a very planned out guy and wants everything done a structured way. That is what it takes to play quarterback and be real successful and he definitely has all that stuff going.”

At Big 12 media days, Rudolph said he was motivated by one thing: winning the chip.

“I won a state championship my senior year in high school, and that’s something I hadn’t done after the first years where we lost,” he said. “I think I’m motivated by that. It’s kind of the sole goal that’s in the forefront of our teams mind.”

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